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Self Sufficient Gardener Seed Packs

Heirloom Seed Collections of the Self Sufficient Gardener. Also called emergency preparedness seed packs or banks, these seeds are naturally grown using organic growing practices. Wanting to be more self sufficient and self reliant? Want to cut down on your food costs and thumb your nose at your local corporate greed grocery store? Tired of paying $3.00 a pound for bland tasteless vegetables?  Purchase a self sufficient gardener pack and be on your way to growing a tasty assortment of homegrown goodies!! We offer Heirloom Seed Collections that include a good selection of varieties of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb and Flower seeds. This should help in your quest for an organic sustainable living, self sufficient lifestyle. If you are concerned about having seeds to supply you with an emergency preparedness food bank supply, our seeds are a good choice. All our heirloom seed are freshly harvested stock, that means longer shelf life. All our seeds are also open pollinated which means you can keep the seed back from your harvest for following years planting. We carry a good variety of Heirloom Bean, Beet, Carrots and Corn. From Cucumbers, Lettuce and Greens, to Squash, Melons and Herbs we have you covered. All of our seeds come to you in paper packets with basic planting instructions on the back. We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves. If you are worried about food safety or the general state of the Country's food supply or to be prepared for an emergency.

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