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Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl Kale Seeds


Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl Seeds. This old heirloom German kale whose name loosely translates to "Ullmann's Tattered Coat Kale" is said to get it's name from the light dusty green leaves that have edges that appear torn and crumpled. Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl is very cold hardy, which means it can produce early and still produce late in the season. We are in zone 6, this year (2013-2014) for our last planting, we planted in December, overwintered and harvested in February, and this was a harsh winter. I'm not recommending you plant in winter, but it worked for us.  Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl is a leaf and spear type kale that is good for spring or fall plantings and has some heat resistance. Prepare this vegetable as you would other greens. Kale is wonderful sauteed steamed or boiled. As with any kale, the flavor of Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl gets better with a frost. This is a quick variety, just 50 days until full maturity with good weather. Ullmann's Zerfetzten Mantel Grünkohl can be harvested at any stage of growth. Packet contains approximately 250 seeds grown naturally with love and care.  Happy planting!!
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