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Inca Red Quinoa Seeds for sale. This heirloom Quinoa grain is a multi-purpose plant with characteristics similar to Amaranth. Inca Red Quinoa Grain is useful as a grain crop, greens and is also very decorative. As a grain Inca Red Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest. It is very high in protein, a good dietary fiber source, and packed full of essential amino acids like lysine.  Quinoa Grain also contains good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The flavor of Inca Black Quinoa Grain is nuttier and earthier than Inca White Quinoa which is mild and somewhat sweet. The flavor of Inca Red Quinoa Grain is somewhere in between. The young greens are tender and high in vitamins and minerals and can be eaten and prepared as you would other greens. The Quinoa plant averages about 5' tall and blooms in plumes much like Amaranth. This plant is a terrific choice for sustainable living. Inca Red Quinoa Grain is drought tolerant and very easy to grow.  It prefers well drained soil so if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain be sure to mound your rows, plant on a slope or in raised beds. Quinoa does well here in the Ozarks in relatively poor unamended soil. Our cool night time spring and fall temperatures don't seem to effect it.  Harvest greens at desired size.  90 days until harvest for the grains.  The grain can be hand harvested when the plant is somewhat dry by stripping the seeds from the stalk between your thumb and forefinger.  Don't wait until seeds are falling off on their own to harvest.  Heirloom Quinoa naturally has a waxy coating of saponins which are bitter tasting and help protect it from birds.  The Quinoa you buy for food at your supermarket has been processed.  Before consuming the Quinoa you harvest, just soak it in warm water for 5 minutes then rinse clean several times.  The water containing the saponins can be used to make natural soaps.  If you are interested in this process, there are many books about using natural saponins to make soap, we are not an authority on the subject.  The Incas considered Quinoa sacred, calling it the mother of all grains.  Packet contains approximately 1000 seeds grown naturally with love and care.  We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. With all of our seeds: Your first packet ships for $2.50. All additional packets ship free. So your total shipping on a seed order is $2.50 no matter how many packets you order.

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