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Chinese Five Color Pepper Seeds


Chinese Five Color Pepper Seeds.  Heirloom Chinese Five Color pepper starts out a deep blue-purple, turning to mauve, creamy peach yellow, bright yellow, orange and fully ripening to red.  Chinese Five Color Pepper is a prolific producer of small fruit up to 3/4" by 1 1/2" that grow upright on the compact plants.  The fruit of Chinese Five Color are shaped like small Christmas light bulbs.  Chinese Five Color Pepper has upright bushy plants that get about 18" in height.  The stems and branches of Chinese Five Color don't get very big in diameter but Chinese Five Color Pepper are strong (not willowy) and somewhat shrub like.  Chinese Five Color Pepper have five petal blooms that have light purple petals with white centers and darker purple colored stamens.  Chinese Five Color is an ornamental and edible pepper!!  We suggest to keep Chinese Five Color Pepper in containers or elevated in a rock garden.  Keep your Chinese Five Color Pepper in a container and you can bring it inside in the winter and have it for years.  Packet contains approximately 25 seeds grown naturally with love and care.  Happy Planting!  Chinese Five Color Pepper are 80 days until harvest.  We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. With all of our seeds: Your first packet ships for $2.50. All additional packets ship free. So your total shipping on a seed order is $2.50 no matter how many packets you order.

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