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Black Valentine Bean Seeds. Heirloom Black Valentine Beans are an old heirloom dual purpose bean was first introduced in the late 1800's. Heirloom Black Valentine Bean has 6 inch long stringless beans grow on sturdy bush type plants. The dark green pods of Black Valentine Bean should be picked before the black seeds inside fully develop if using as a green snap bean. The flavor of the green beans is excellent and who doesn't like the fact that they are stringless.  Black Valentine Beans grow well in a variety of climates and is a good producer even in cooler temperatures.  Black Valentine Bean can be left to fully dry and shelled for use as one of the prettiest black - purple beans you would ever want to see.  The bean is very shiny, unlike most shiny beans, Black Valentine cooks up quick without much soaking.  This is a very quick green snap bean - 50 days until harvest. Dry beans in about 70 days.  Packet contains approximately 50 Heirloom Black Valentine Bean Seeds grown naturally with love and care.  Happy Planting!  We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. With all of our seeds: Your first packet ships for $2.50. All additional packets ship free. So your total shipping on a seed order is $2.50 no matter how many packets you order.

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