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Adzuki Bean Seeds. Heirloom Adzuki Bean also also spelled (Azuki) or (Aduki) It is believed that Heirloom Adzuki Bean Seeds were first cultivated in the Korean peninsula and northeast of China before 1000 BC, the Adzuki Bean became popular across Asia and Japan after It was introduced to Japan from China about 1000 years ago, that makes Adzuki Red Bean about as heirloom as you can get!!  It is now the second most popular legume after the soybean in Asia culture. Heirloom Adzuki Red Bean is used most as a dry shell variety, but the young pods can be eaten like Snow Peas.  The plant of Heirloom Adzuki Bean has 2' tall bush type plants that produce pods about 1/8" in diameter by 5" long with seeds that are brick red, small and oval.  The beans have a distinctive white seed scar or eye.  The most popular use of this legume is when it is cooked in water and combined with sugar make sweet red bean paste.  This Heirloom Bean can be included in a wide range of dishes.  Heirloom Adzuki beans don't require as much soaking as most beans and are a relatively quick cooking bean.  Approximately 90 days until harvest for dry beans.  Packet contains approximately 50 Heirloom Adzuki Red Bean Seeds grown naturally with love and care. Happy Planting!  We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. With all of our seeds: Your first packet ships for $2.50. All additional packets ship free. So your total shipping on a seed order is $2.50 no matter how many packets you order.

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