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Lovage Seed. The entire plant of this Heirloom Lovage Herb is useful. With it's Celery like flavor, Lovage Herb's deep green leaves can be used in salads or to flavor dishes. Lovage seeds are used as a spice, as you would caraway or fennel. Lovage produces pretty yellow edible flowers. Medicinally Lovage tea can be used on wounds as an antiseptic. Drinking the tea is also said to help with digestion.  Lovage Herb roots are used as a vegetable as you would other root crops. The flavor of Lovage root is similar to Celeriac Root.  As with any new herb or food, If you use the root introduce it to your diet slowly. The roots, which contain a heavy, volatile oil, are used as a mild aquaretic. Lovage root contains furanocoumarins, so don't use the root if you have health problems.  Packet contains approximately 200 seeds grown naturally with love and care.
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