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Small Red Mexican Bean Seeds


Small Red Mexican Bean Seeds. No matter which name you know this bean as;  Small Reds, Red Mexican, Montezuma’s Red Bean - it's really yummy. This small red heirloom bean was introduced in 1855, and is known as: Small Reds, Red Mexican, and Montezuma’s Red. This is a dry shell variety that grows on bush type plants.  The plump 1/2 inch round beans are a deep brick red color with a small white eye.  The flavor is mild and the firm texture holds up well when cooked. This Heirloom bean is famous in Southwest cooking to make chili and refried beans and in Southern cooking to make red beans and rice. Pods are ready to pick when they are mature and dried down. 80 days until full maturity. Packet contains approximately 50 seeds grown naturally with love and care. Happy Planting!
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