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Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper Seeds


Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper Seeds.  Heirloom Scotch Bonnet Orange is a hot pepper that yeild bonnet-shaped fruit on very productive 2 1/2 foot tall plants.  Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper are seriously hot ranking over 100,000 scoville units.  Use fresh in your favorite dishes or dry to save for later use.  The smoky taste of Scotch Bonnet Orange Hot Pepper is very popular in Caribbean cooking.  As with most peppers, we find this variety very easy to grow.  The green foliage and striking 2" bright orange fruit of Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper look so beautiful in the garden.  100 days until harvest but will mature much quicker in ideal climate.  Packet contains approximately 25 Scotch Bonnet Orange Pepper Seeds grown naturally with love and care.  Happy Planting!!  We have a wide variety of Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seeds for sale. With all of our seeds: Your first packet ships for $2.50. All additional packets ship free. So your total shipping on a seed order is $2.50 no matter how many packets you order.

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