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Tepary Bean

Tepary Bean Seeds for Sale. Heirloom Tepary Beans are native to the Mexico and Southwestern portions of United States. The Tepary Bean is also known by such names as Pawi, Pavi, Tepari, Escomite, Yori mui and Yori muni. The name tepary may derive from the Tohono O'odham phrase t'pawi or "It's a bean". Tepary Bean botanical name (Phaseolus acutifolius)  The long storage ability and multi use of the dry Tepary Bean made it a staple for many Native American tribes. The Tepary Bean is very drought-resistant. It has been grown in areas where annual rainfall is less than 16 inches.  To cook Heirloom Tepary Beans, soak them first, as you would other dry beans. Native Americans would often toast the dry beans, then ground them into a meal or flour. Heirloom Tepary Beans have a runner growth habit similar to the Pinto Bean. Our seeds are grown naturally using organic growing practices. Be sure to plant beans at the proper time for your climate. Beans require soil temperatures to be at least 60 degrees  in order to germinate properly. Like most other seed, you can start beans in cell flats indoors to get an early start on your growing season. All of our Heirloom Tepary Bean Seed come to you in paper packets with basic growing instructions on the back. We grow, harvest and handle all of our seeds ourselves.

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