Heirloom Seeds

Corn Seeds

Corn Seeds for sale. Our Heirloom Corn Seed is Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Corn which we offer in a variety of colors and types for your organic, sustainable living, self sufficient lifestyle needs. We have Heirloom Sweet Corn Seed that can be grown to be used fresh, for corn on the cob, canned or frozen. Besides the sense of security you feel by raising your own food.  It is impossible to beat the flavor of produce fresh from the garden. We also offer Heirloom Dent Corn Seeds to grow that can be dried and used for cornmeal or flour. Imagine being able to eat a cornbread muffin that is Non-GMO without having to buy expensive organic ingredients. We also offer heirloom blue corn and heirloom red corn which makes a beautiful tortilla. You might also choose to plant our Heirloom Corn Seed as a naturally grown alternative for feed for your livestock. All seed come to you in paper packets with basic growing instructions on the back. We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves.

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