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Heirloom Squash Seeds for sale. We have a good variety of Heirloom Summer Squash and Heirloom Winter Squash Seeds grown naturally using organic growing practices. We offer Heirloom Squash Seeds for your organic sustainable living, self-sufficient lifestyle needs. Plant seeds 1/2" deep.  Squash seeds can be started indoors, and will germinate at around 70 F. Unless you are skilled in the art of transplanting it is best to start this type of plant in peat pots as to not damage the stems when handling them. Transplant your heirloom squash plants outdoors after they have there first true leaves. To plant your squash we suggest you make mounds 24"-36" apart and put three plants per mound. People in Central and North America grew squash as part of the three sisters garden squash, beans, and corn. The corn provided support for the beans, while the squash kept the weeds down and kept the water from evaporating. Summer squash are a subset of squashes that are harvested when immature, while the rind is still tender and edible. The name summer squash refers to the short storage life compared to winter squash. Winter squash can be harvested whenever the fruits have turned a deep, solid color and the skin is hard. The squash is harvested before heavy frosts hit the planting area. All squash seed come to you in paper packets with basic planting instructions on the back.  We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves.

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