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Azure Dandelion
RR 71 Box 1645
Alton, Missouri

If you need to contact us, just drop us an email at:

You will be answered by a real person.  We check email often and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
We love answering legitimate questions. Part of being a small business means we don't and can't sell in bulk for resale. Please don't write us and ask us to sell in bulk OR ship our seeds of any size to an address outside United States or it's Territories. These emails will not be answered.

If you want to place a seed order and don't want to enter your information online just jot down your order, mail it to the address at the top of the page. We accept money orders or checks for mail in orders.

We only ship our seeds to United States or it's Territories.

If you are interested in our ART and do not live in the United States or it's Territories use the contact us form below, let us know what ART item or items you are interested in and send us your shipping address. We can give you a quote of what shipping to your address would be. If you are willing to pay actual shipping to your address we would be more than happy to edit the item to reflect shipping cost and enable you to purchase it.

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