Heirloom Seeds

Greens Seeds

Collard, mustard, spinach, cress as well as arugula and chicory seeds for sale. We offer a variety of Greens Seeds for your organic sustainable living, self sufficient lifestyle needs. Growing your own greens has many benefits including the unbeatable freshness you get by wandering out to your own garden, harvesting your greens and cooking them up. When you plant heirloom greens seed you can grow them without harmful pesticides that store bought vegetables have. We offer many rare heirloom greens seed that are not readily available in grocery stores. We have for sale Wild Rocket Arugula, Curly Cress, a wide variety of spinach, collards and mustard seeds to name a few. You can grow several varieties and make your own custom blends of greens. Leafy vegetable greens are low in fat and calories and high in protein, dietary fiber, iron and calcium. All seed come to you in paper packets with basic growing instructions on the back. We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves.

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