Heirloom Seeds

Flower Seeds

We offer Flower Seeds for sale in many varieties and colors to brighten your garden and your life. So much more than just something beautiful to look at, planting Heirloom Flower can improve your overall gardening experience. Planting Heirloom Flower seeds can attract beneficial insects, such as bees and butterflies to your garden and many varieties such as Marigold will deter harmful pest. Planting Sunflowers can provide much needed shade for some of your vegetables that don't care for full sun. Heirloom Sunflowers can also act as a trellis for beans to grow up. Many varieties are edible such as Nasturtiums. Heirloom Morning Glory Seeds can be planted with your squash and pumpkins to keep away that horrible squash bug.  Consider buying Heirloom Flower Seeds to add to your organic, self sufficient lifestyle. All seed come to you in paper packets with basic planting instructions on the back. We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves.

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