How to Harvest Lavender

Harvest lavender in the early morning when the oils in the plant are strongest, after the dew has dried from the plant.  Cut stems that are almost fully in bloom.  Before the blossoms open they are a gray color.  The color will be bright vibrant purple when they are in full bloom.  Cut the stems, spread them out loosely on a screen or bind several stems together with a string, hanging them upside down in a dry, airy space to dry.  To remove the lavender buds from the stems for sachets and such:

  1. Bind several stems together with a string
  2. Place the flowering end into a clean pillowcase with the stem end toward the opening
  3. Tie the end of the pillow case together with string
  4. Gently hit the pillow case against a flat surface, knocking the buds loose from the stem
  5. Remove the buds out of the pillowcase, sifting through it to remove any large debris