Growing Holstein Cowpea

This heirloom cowpea is named “Holstein” for it’s unique black and white cow peas that are pattern like a Holstein cow, making this cowpea a little more cow then pea. Heirloom Holstein Cow pea or Southern Pea grows with an upright bush habit that reach about 2 foot tall. The very productive plants have a small spread of 1 foot wide with lots of leaves and white blooms.

The 6″ to 8″ long pods of Holstein cowpea grow primarily at the top of the plant. Pods are filed with 10 to 12 medium sized peas that are quick to cook. Cow peas which are often called Butterpeas, Field Peas, Southern Peas and Crowder Peas are a great crop choice for a sustainable lifestyle because they are easy to grow and abundant producers.