Growing A Three Sisters Garden

A three sisters garden is companion planting at its beast. And hears how you do it. We usually start ares in a container so birds and squirrels don’t eat them. After working up a spot of soil, plant the corn of your choice in a row in the middle wine it is about 5″ to 7″ tall. Next plant your squash on one side and the beans on the other (any bean will work, but usually a poll, runner or tepary is used). The three sisters garden it true team work, the corn in the middle grows tall and gives support to the beans, the squash blocks out the sunlight, keeps the ground wet and detors weeds and the beans relies nitrogen into the soil that the corn and squash need.

cornbeansquash2wm SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

To start your own three sisters garden you’ll need the seeds. Get your Heirloom Corn seeds, Heirloom Squash Seeds, and Heirloom Bean Seeds from Azure Dandelion