Heirloom Sorghum Seed

Sorghum bicolor is used for food as grain and in sorghum syrup or sorghum molasses.  Sorghum is also used in the production of alcoholic beverages, and biofuels. Sorghum in general is heat-tolerant and resistant to drought.  Sorghum is an important homesteading crop used as a substitute for sugar in many applications.

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Heirloom Sugar Drip Sorghum Grain Seed

Heirloom Sugar Drip Sorghum Grain Seed

Sugar Drip Sorghum Seed.  This old hard to find heirloom variety of Sorghum is most commonly used to produce Sorghum Molasses.  Sugar Drip Sorghum gets it's name from the sugary sweet juice that comes from it's stalks.  The stalks are boiled down to make Sorghum syrup and Sorghum molasses.  Sugar Drip Sorghum produces large seed heads that are used as a grain.  Approximately 100 days until harvest.  Packet contains approximately 50 seeds grown naturally with love and care. We have a wide...


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