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Half Runner Beans

Half Runner Beans seed for sale.  Heirloom Half Runner Green Beans Seed raised naturally using organic growing practices.   We offer a good variety for your organic sustainable living, self sufficient lifestyle needs.  Half Runner beans have runners 3' long and can be grown as you would bush or pole beans.  Trellising may give you better yields as more of the plant will receive sun, therefore producing more blooms, which means more green snap beans.  Heirloom Half Runner Beans have a natural growth habit between that of bush and pole beans.  These beans can be planted next to your corn even if you are growing a short variety of corn.  Half Runner Beans can climb up the stalk without weighing them down too much.  All Heirloom Half Runner Bean Seeds come to you in in paper packets with basic planting instructions on the back.  We grow, harvest and handle all our seeds ourselves.

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